Sign PostSandford Parish is in the District of Mid Devon and is situated approximately two miles north of Crediton and some ten miles from Exeter. The parish comprises the village of Sandford and the hamlets of Newbuildings, West Sandford and East Village together with outlying farms and cottages with a total population in excess of 1200.


Sandford is a rural parish with a great sense of community, and has two pubs, a community shop with Post Office owned and run by the community, a primary school, a recreation ground, plus a Parish Hall and three Churches and many local organisations and clubs. There is also a dedicated footpath/cycleway from Sandford village to Crediton via the 'Millennium Green'.


2022 HATOC Road Safety Review

A summary of the 2022 HATOC Review / Parish Road Safety Review

Brian Fyfe Chairman of Sandford Parish Council

The meeting we had in November 2021 with James Anstey was a site visit. This was conducted by a number of Parish Councillors with the Clerk

We had a walk around the vicinity of the village centre. We also spoke about parking issues in and around the centre which are plain to see but we wanted to ensure that Mr Anstey got the very best out of his visit.

Consequently we also took the opportunity to speak of other issues such as the roads into and out of the village centre. This included our expressed concerns about speed limits, blind corners and the width and condition of the road edges, the state of the road surfaces more generally including the state of the granite sets, potholes and eroded surfaces etc. One of the Councillors was able to report the catastrophic damage to one of the wheels on his car sustained as he avoided a collision at a pinch point on the blind bend resulting in running off the edge of the road where it was in poor repair.  Mr Anstey is a professional traffic officer of the DCC. We were engaged with him in that capacity. He said that he would report upon his findings and make recommendations. This he has provided. The problem we have had is that we expected him to propose his professional findings in the consultation process. This we have been seeking to facilitate. Despite our expressed wish to have Mr Antsey present he has failed to respond either to indicate this was not his role or otherwise. We saw the proposal published in a brief notice in the Crediton Courier. We have incorrectly assumed this was to publish his findings and conduct a consultation. It seems that the final, different version of his recommendations was made public and the Parish Council not updated on the proposal as now developed. We have sought to publicise this to get best consultation during the Parish Council summer closed period. That some Council Tax payers have picked this up and similarly sought to extend the consultation is welcome. I guess, in the absence of advice to the Parish Council from DCC, that the maps referred to by the rate payer are no longer extant. They may prove useful if a counter proposal emerged at the open meeting called for the 10 August. That is for the organisers to include if they wish. Releasing the information we hope is useful.

I am happy for my recollection of the events to similarly be released into the public domain.


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